Kindness Tip: Thank you cards

There is a high correlation between gratitude and life satisfaction. If you are trying to instill kindness and gratitude in your family, try this one. Have a night where everyone makes handmade and handwritten thank you cards. Discuss who has been kind and supportive, and make them a nice card w/ a nice message. Also, don’t let these cards sit around, make placing proper postage and addressing the envelopes part of the activity. Take everyone involved for a car ride and drop the cards in a mailbox. This is great for a lot of reasons. It helps us appreciate even the little things that others do for us. It also makes others feel appreciated and special. In this day of instant messaging, texting, and email this would be a break-in-the-script and a breath-of-fresh-air. I am sure that you will receive positive responses from these.


4 thoughts on “Kindness Tip: Thank you cards

    1. Hi Teri, thanks for this positive comment. I think that this would be good for families on a lot of levels. I forgot to mention that planned activities helps to accumulate positives. This means that planning positive events creates a buffer for difficult times. If arguing, discord, and anger is the only point reference that I have for my family, then that is going to cast an overall negative light on an otherwise loving family. On the other hand lots of positive activities helps me to have insight on the positive aspects of my family.


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