Kindness Tip: Parenting in Public

If you want to spread kindness and compassion, you might try this. The next time you see a parent in a store or restaurant struggling with a crying or otherwise unruly child, make it a point to smile in a supportive manner. If you are really feeling bold, you could make a comment about parenting being tough, that they are doing great, or some other understanding statement. The support of others can make the difference between someone having a very difficult day and someone having a truly inspiring one. Compassion is contagious.



6 thoughts on “Kindness Tip: Parenting in Public

  1. This is a subject close to my heart. I work in a home for abused and neglected little boys. I love these kids as my own!!!! Due to the trauma that has happened to them in their little lives they tend to have behavior issues. I can not tell you how often my boys have acted out in public and been looked at very judgmentally, or better yet have people pull out their phones and start recording said incident. It is very upsetting when this happens. You just never know someone else’s story, what they might be walking through on any given day. Please reach out and don’t judge. On the other hand there have been several times that strangers have come to my rescue, and offered kind words to me or even try to talk to my boys in a helpful and encouraging way. If you have enough time to be judgeie, or pull your camera phone out, you have time to be kind. Being kind is so much easier!!!! Make a kind day!!!!!!

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  2. This is a topic I try to be very intentional about. I have struggled with depression myself, and also with a difficult childhood, and the people who have made a difference and really show up in my memories are the people who were kind. The more kindness I am able to give others, the kinder the world seems. It is a reciprical gift.
    Your wife has been a huge blessing in my life, and it is in large part, due to her kindness. She saw that I was hurting and lonely and she made time for me, she pushed my stroller, she pushed me. I learned through her example. I’ve become kinder because of it. And I enjoy being kind. It’s a nice change of perspective to be thoughtful of another’s needs rather than judging them for their lack of.

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    1. Hi Ileeneg, thank you for your comment. I love your words here. They do inspire me. I like your statement about kindness. I completely agree. My intention is to focus on positive states of mind for just that reason. In the past I would actively hate some people. I thought, hey these are my thoughts and what does that hurt anyone. But I came to realize this it matters. The only one I was hurting was myself. My focus on hating others just brought more hate into my life. Please come back and offer us you opinion. I can see that you have a genuine focus on kindness.

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  3. This is great! Not having kids myself I seldom know how to help a struggling parent or caregiver. Appreciate the insight and advice. It’s going to make a difference in my life for sure. 💗 Hopefully I can make a difference in someone else’s also!

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    1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for this awesome comment! Your desire to make a positive impact on the world is wonderfully inspiring. Truly the world would be a better place if there were more people like you. Keep fighting the good fight. Your passion will spread like wildfire.


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